Welcome Message

Dear guests, with great pride I’d like to personally welcome you all to our Annual Day of the Ophthalmology Department, Kasr El-Ainy Hospital – Cairo University, We are very pleased to have u all with us today, The program includes – Instruction Courses that will take place on 13th of January 2022 at LRC, Al Kasr El-Ainy as well as simulator hands on training. The Meeting will take place on the 14th January 2022  at the prestigious Grand Nile Tower Hotel, on the banks of the beautiful Nile River in the heart of Cairo.
This conference has been annually held and Kasr El-Ainy’s Ophthalmology Department has always been a source of valiable knowledge. Throughout this conference, I invite you to join us shape the future of Ophthalmology.
My personal respect and thanks to all of you..

Head of The Meeting

Prof. Soheir Esmat

Scientific Program

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Scientific Committee

Dean of Faculty Of Medicine


The Ophthalmology Department of Kasr El-Ainy Hospital

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Speakers Instructions

Congress halls will be equipped with:
Two laptops: one Apple Mac & one PC with Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Oce 2013.
Internet access will NOT be available inside the meeting rooms.
To ensure that the meeting progresses smoothly, please stick
to the following instructions:
All presentations should be recorded on a USB ash memory (preferred).
Please save presentations in PowerPoint 2007 or later format for PC & Keynote for Apple.
Upload your presentation early to the Audiovisual Center (RM Events) as we will load the
presentations to the hard drive of our systems before the sessions by one hour.
No personal laptops are permitted for presentations.
In case you have problems with your presentation(s), please do not hesitate to contact the
IT support team (RM Events).