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Madina 6th Reproductive & Women's Health Summit

Dear colleagues &young fellows, 6thMadina Women’s hospital board, wholeheartedly and cordially, extend to all of you a warm welcome & invitation to join us in this year’s 6th Madina Reproductive & Women’s Health Summit, which will be held from the 5-6 March 2020 in Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza. The scientific program adopted new interactive & fruitful sessions, including moderated presentations & lectures with the latest updates in Infertility Genetics, Early Pregnancy Controversies, Gynendoscopy Foetal medicine, as well as hot debate in Assisted Reproductive Technique, and Women Health, & Pelvic Floor Endoscopy. We solicit your gracious presence at our upcoming auspicious 6th Madina Reproductive & Women’s Health Summit.

Best regards, Conference Board