Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas – ESG2019

Dear Colleagues
We are happy to welcome you to the 19th Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Society for the Glaucomas (ESG). The first glaucoma society in the Middle East and Africa was founded by the relentless efforts of the founding pioneers; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla and Nabil Sabry, aided by an array of some of the best glaucoma specialists in the country spanning institutions from far south to far north.

Since the very beginning, ESG meetings were well received by Egyptian as well as international colleagues. For the 2019 Congress, we promise you a rich and varied scientific content, ranging from a day dedicated to various-level instructional courses, to symposia, panel discussions, paper sessions, and wet labs. This will be adorned by eminent international guest speakers making their outstanding presentations in various glaucoma sub-specialties.

Every sincere effort has been made by the board towards our one goal: Better development of our glaucoma understanding and knowledge. On behalf of ESG Board, I sincerely hope that all of us will have a fruitful outcome of these 3 days.

President of ESG
Ahmad K Khalil, MD, PhD

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Nov 06 - 08 2019


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel, Cairo, Egypt